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You can learn how to speak and write 
well in the workplace

Communicate professionally | Build better relationships | Get your message heard


You can take all our courses virtually or in-person

Everyone at work has something to say. A message they want to get out.
A story they want to tell. But words fail them. Literally. They don’t know what words to choose. They don’t know how to put them together in a sentence. They don’t know how to put sentences together that flow.

We can help you get your message heard or read, by showing you how to speak and write well. When you communicate professionally, your clients, customers and colleagues pay attention. 

What you do with their attention is up to you.

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All courses can be run virtually or in-person

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Writing Works

A blended-learning course on how to write professionally to customers and clients

Write Click

A short course on how to write better in the workplace with a focus on the writing of email

Writing Long

A practical course on how to write better in the workplace with a focus on the writing of reports

Conversation Clever

A course on how to have better conversations, build better relationships and give better feedback

Conversation Skills

Messaging Apps

TXT-ually Speaking

A short course on how to become a better communicator on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Slack and Teams

Show Up And Deliver

A practical course

on how to speak professionally to an audience, in-person or online





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Language Boss is a private company and, as an Exempted Micro Enterprise, has a 100% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level (Level 4).

The founder and owner of Language Boss, Mike Walker, has worked extensively as a trainer and teacher in South Africa, Central and South America, Central Asia and South East Asia. He holds a BA in English and Industrial Psychology, an MA in Linguistics, and a teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge. 


He believes that in a rapidly changing world, we need to become better humans, and he thinks improving how we communicate is the place to start. He also likes a good sentence.

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Tel: +27 21 4477254

Cell: +27 76 293 0279

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