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Poor communication skills cause problems
  • What you're writing or saying is being ignored or misunderstood

  • People in your organisation are wasting time and money 

  • Your organisation appears unprofessional and incompetent

  • Relationships inside and outside your organisation are strained or antagonistic

How we can help

We train you to write and speak effectively so that:

  • Your message gets the attention it deserves

  • Your organisation’s communication is effective and efficient

  • Your organisation has a standard style in all its communication

  • Your organisation’s communication, both internally and externally, results in greater harmony and trust

Course Details

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Below is more information about our four main courses. All courses are run virtually via Google Meet but can also be run in-person.


Writing Works

We are writing more than at any other time in history, and now more than ever there is a great need for clear and effective written communication. Writing Works is a course that addresses this need.

This course will make you a more effective, professional and readable writer. And it works because:

• Learning takes place gradually and progressively.

• The online training workbench makes it highly interactive and practical.

• Participants’ own writing is used to reinforce new concepts and skills.

The course is delivered over four 3.5-hour sessions via Google Meet. In between each session,

participants do tasks and exercises on the online workbench.

Write Click

This course aims to improve participants’ business-writing skills in general and their email

effectiveness in particular. Through two practical, virtual sessions, as well as tasks and exercises

between the sessions, participants learn how to construct and write emails that will be opened,

read and responded to. Two principles of modern business writing form the foundation of the


• write with the reader in mind

• write in plain language

The course is delivered over two 3.5-hour sessions via Google Meet. In between the sessions, participants do tasks and exercises to embed learnings.

Conversation Clever

Everybody has them. They are important in relationships. They are important in the workplace. They

are important in our private lives. Conversations. Some are carefree; others are high-risk. But they all impact on our lives. And they impact on our organisations.Talking to others is the most human of skills, but, sadly, we are not very skilful at it. This course will make you a whole lot better.

The course is for anyone who has colleagues, a boss, employees, direct reports, a partner or a spouse. Because no matter who or where you are in life, you are having conversations.

The course is delivered over three 3-hour sessions via Google Meet.

Show Up and Deliver

Speaking well to an audience is a highly prized skill. But it also happens to be highly learnable. This practical, online course teaches participants how to prepare and deliver engaging and impactful presentations, for the real and virtual world. 

The course is aimed at anyone who has to speak in front of an audience, whether online, at an internal meeting or at a large public gathering.

The course is delivered over two sessions (4 hours and 3 hours) via Google Meet. In between the

sessions, participants do work in preparation for Day 2.

This course was so much more than a writing course – it was a brilliant communication course. I found Michael very engaging and happy to share his vast knowledge. I highly recommend the course.

Karen Sivewright (Investec) - on the course Writing Works

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