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We give training on how to communicate 

professionally so you save money and time, and build healthy relationships  

Boost your brand | Empower employees | Leverage customer loyalty

Everyone at work has something to say. A message they want to get out there. A story they want to tell. But words fail them. Literally. They don’t know what words to choose. They don’t know how to put them together in a sentence. They don’t know how to put sentences together that flow. We help people get their message heard or read, by showing them how to write and speak effectively. When you communicate professionally, your clients and customers pay attention. What you do with their attention is up to you.

Are poor communication skills causing problems?

​Bad writing or speaking can cause:

  • Your message to be ignored or misunderstood

  • People in your organisation to waste time and money

  • Your organisation to appear unprofessional and incompetent

  • Relationships inside and outside your organisation to be strained or antagonistic

How we can help you

We train you to write and speak effectively so that:

  • Your message gets the attention it deserves

  • Your organisation’s communication is effective and efficient

  • Your organisation has a standard style in all its communication

  • Your organisation’s communication, both internally and externally, results in greater harmony and trust 

Great clients who have benefited from our courses



"I thought your training was very helpful, impactful and valuable."

—  Shannon Lay (Human Resources, Investec) commenting on the blended model of the email writing course Write To Be Read


More about us

Language Boss is a private company and, as an Exempted Micro Enterprise, has a 100% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level (Level 4).

The founder and owner of Language Boss, Michael Walker, has worked extensively as a trainer and teacher in South Africa, Central and South America, Central Asia and South East Asia. He holds a BA in English and Industrial Psychology, an MA in Linguistics and a teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge. 

He likes a good sentence.



Conversation Clever

A course on how to have better conversations

We all have conversations. They are important in the workplace. They are important in our private lives. Some are carefree; others are high-risk. But they all impact on us and our relationships. And they impact on our organisations.


To a large extend, the quality of our conversations determines the quality of our workplace culture and the effectiveness of our organisations.


This course gives you the skills to have better conversations, whether it’s a casual chat or an interaction where emotions are running high.


The course can be delivered as an intensive one-day course, or it can be run over two 5-hour sessions.

Conversation Skills

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are now running all courses virtually via Google Meet

Contact us for more information and prices



Write To Be Read

A course on how to write professionally to customers and clients

This course aims to improve the business 
writing skills and email effectiveness of participants. 

This course can be delivered as a two-day

intensive or a four-week blended-learning model. Both models use an online  workbench to ensure the learning experience is hands-on, relevant and practical.

The blended-learning model is particularly 
effective as participants:

  • spend less time in the training room and away from their desks

  • absorb more knowledge and master more skills as they learn gradually and progressively

Speak To Be Heard

A course on how to speak professionally to an audience

This is a highly practical course that teaches participants how to prepare and deliver engaging and impactful presentations with or without PowerPoint.

The course can be delivered as an intensive two-day course, or it can be run as a more progressive-learning course, with three

5-hour sessions spread over three weeks.

Participants are filmed giving presentations 
during the course. They are given these 
recordings at the end of the course so that they can analyse their improvement through the course and retain a benchmark from which they can track their progress after the course.


 Speaking      Skills





Power up Your Emails

a one-day intensive course on better email writing


Stand up and Deliver

a one-day intensive course on presentation skills

Minute Taking

a two-day course on meetings and writing meeting communications

Report Writing Skills

a two-day course on writing professional reports

Brilliant at Basics

a one-day intensive course on improving grammar and punctuation

Next Level

a one-day intensive course on advanced writing issues


Language Bites

condensed two-hour seminars on writing issues

Individual Coaching

personalised courses for both writing and speaking

Upcoming Free Webinars

  • Better Email in 60 Minutes
    Tue, 02 Feb
    Via Google Meet
    02 Feb, 09:00 – 10:00 SAST
    Via Google Meet
    This session aims to help participants write better emails in the workplace. During the session, three principles and three tips will be shared with you that will increase the chances of your emails being opened, read and understood how you want them to be understood.

This event has passed, but keep an eye out for future events



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